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Shade covering materials

Once you have selected the type of shade to fit your requirements, you can then go on to choose the fabric design. In the case of the Caravita range of large sunshades, you have the widest selection of designs that any supplier of sunshades can possibly offer.

1. Choosing the material

You have three excellent types of fabric to choose from when deciding on the covering of your sunshade:

A. Acrylic awning fabric (also referred to as Dolan or LeAcryl) - an especially hardwearing material that has proven successful over many years on all awnings. This characteristic fabric is a favorite for use above all on private premises, with excellent colors that come into full effect on both sides of the cloth.

Acrylic awning material is extremely tough, absolutely weather-resistant and virtually waterproof in rainfall of up to 300 mm. It is also color-fast and cannot rot. The impregnation is dirt-repelling and protects against mildew or mould stains. These fabric coverings are easy to remove and can be cleaned in a washing machine at 30oC or by a commercial cleaning firm.

B. Tentex

Tentex is an acrylat-coated polyester fabric, which should not be confused with other non-coated types of polyester offered as sunshade covering material.

Tentex is characterized by its hard-wearing design and resistance to tearing. For this reason, it has been in use for many years both as a sunshade covering and - in the camping sector - as a material for caravan awnings. It is of course absolutely weather-resistant, fast-fast, waterproof (rainfall of up to 500 mm) and will not rot. Coverings of this type are easy to remove and can be washed at 30oC, or hosed down with a high-pressure water jet while still on the frame.

Its high degree of water resistance makes Tentex especially popular for commercial use, where it is also important to be able to apply bright colors to the outer face of the covering fabric (although the colors appear less bright on the inside).

C. PVC-Awning

Die technical advantage of PVC as shade covering material is unquestionable. Its very hardwearing, absolutely waterproofed and durable. Especially the cleaning of the coverings will not cause problems even after years. But the smooth surface of this fabric doesn't show any textile character. So the plastic look of such shades may not be pleasant to everybody. 

2. Choosing the flounce

The flounce you choose has an important influence on the general appearance of your sunshade, as you will have seen in the illustrations on the previous pages. The flounce is available in the three different formats:
1. No flounce
2. Straight flounce 
3. Undulating flounce

3. Wind cowl or cover

If the shade you have chosen has an area of more than ten square meters, it may be necessary to equip it with a wind cowl. A wind cowl, or cover, not only functions as a wind-reduction device, but also adds an extra touch of distinction to the appearance of your sunshade.

You can order any of our models with a wind cowl. (This item is supplied as standard on models in our Sunbeam and Bajazzo ranges).

The wind cover, which differs from the wind cowl on account of the additional rod section, can be ordered for both the Bajazzo and Riviera models. The Belvedere is always supplied with a wind cover fitted as standard..

4. Colors

Now that you have chosen the material, it is time to select a color from the Tentex or acrylic color chart. The color you choose will be used to make the entire sunshade covering, although you may - if you wish - also opt for a customized combination of different colors. (See section 6 for further details).

5. Trim strip

The edges of the sunshade cover are trimmed with a strip of material, where you can also select a color in harmony with the rest of the covering. If you do not specify a particular trim color, we will select a suitably matching tone for you.


6. Custom designs

You have the option, when configuring your sunshade cover, of combining more than one color to form a custom design.
Please choose from the designs - shown below - that we have specially prepared for your convenience, indicating merely the name of your chosen design and your preferred color combination. If you have an idea for a personally customized design, please feel free to supply us with a sketch, showing us your specifications in the greatest possible detail. We will be pleased to provide the shade in you own design if at all technically possible.

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