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Välkommen till världen av stora parasoller


(Denna sida finns endast på engelska för tillfället)

"Sympra" the very special shade

Small for transport - and giant as shade!

Shut it is small enough to pass a door with a height of 217cm.  Opened its a normal giant sunshade. 

A high class crank mechanism "Made in Germany" is responsible for the comfortable opening mechanism of this sunshade

The aluminium shade "Sympra" combined with a 70kg special role able steel shade stand is our solution for all who have to use their shade very often and can't let it outside over night. You can  move the shade standing in its stand  very easily. So, for example, you can get a shade, you are using in front of your shop or store, easily into the shop for the night.

Its so easy!


  • Fix the rod to the stand and pull it to the position where the shade has to be opened (for example in front of your store).

  • Use the handle of the crank mechanism to open the shade.

  • Put your merchandise or your furniture under the shade.


  • remove all that's under the shade.

  • Use the handle of the crank mechanism to close the shade.

  • Fix the rod to the stand and move it wherever you want (for example into the shop).

  • If there is water on the cover it will run down into the dish on the stand.

Available sizes and technical details:

A = Shade height closed= 216cm for all sizes

B = Shade height open = 262cm for all sizes.

C = Headroom depending on shade size:

2x3m          212cm     2,5x2,5m    212cm
2,2x2,9m    212cm     2,5x3m       207cm
2,5m Round  226cm     3m Round     220cm
3,5m Round  213cm     3,8m Round  210cm
4m Round     208cm


Here you see the Sympra in use by Bertelsmann and NKD:

The shades are pulled into the stored every day!

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